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At Cordray's Continental Auto Repair & Transmission, you and your confidence are the most important piece of the puzzle. We provide a wide range of automotive repair services for your convenience. And remember, we want to keep you in our loyal customer family. If you don’t see the service you’re looking for, just ask!

Transmission Service in Albany, OR

If your automotive service need involves your vehicle’s transmission you should keep in mind that most transmission problems start out small and get worse over time. Taking care of your automotive transmission repair early on can go a long way in saving you money. Our automotive transmission service includes the following.

  • Car and Truck Automatic Transmission Repair
  • Transmission Computer Control Diagnosis
  • Automatic, CVT and Standard Transmission Fluid Servicing
  • Heavy Duty Automatic Transmissions and Torque Converters
  • Goerend, BD, ATS Torque Converters
  • Automatic and Standard Import Transmission Repair
  • Custom and Race Transmissions
  • Transmission Programming, OE and Custom.
  • Transfer Case
  • Car and Truck Differential Rebuilding and Servicing
  • Car and Truck Clutch Repair and Replacement
  • Driveshaft and U-Joint Repair
  • Front Wheel Drive CV Shaft and Wheel Bearing replacement

Standard maintenance auto service in Albany, OR

It’s a fact: regular, quality maintenance extends the life of your vehicle. It also gives you the peace of mind you need. Whether you’re looking for the basics like factory scheduled maintenance or 30k/60k/90k/120k mile services, or something more specific like computer diagnostics or safety and emissions inspections, we’ve got you covered. Brake repair, shocks, struts, suspension and steering are all part of our standard maintenance auto service. When it comes to maintenance and auto service in Albany, we want to be your number one choice.

  • Battery Service and Replacement
  • Lube Oil and Filter Service
  • Timing Belts
  • Ford EcoBoost Performance Upgrades
  • Fuel Injection service and repair.
  • Engine Oil Leak Diagnosis and Repair
  • Car and Truck Air Conditioning Service and Repair.
  • Car and Truck Fuel Filter Service
  • Car and Truck Power Steering Repair
  • Car and Truck Engine Tune-Up
  • Power Window and Door Lock Diagnosis and Repair
  • 5th Wheel Hitch Sales and Installation
  • Used Car and Truck Pre-Purchase Inspection
  • Minor Suspension and Steering Repair
  • Truck Lift Kit Sales and Installation
  • EPA Compliant CAT Back exhaust Systems and Tuners

Full Service Light Duty Diesel Engine Repair and Performance

Cordray’s Continental has one of the valley’s best Diesel Technicians in Brandon Hays. If your Light Duty Ford, Dodge, or Chevy Diesel is acting up, we can diagnose and fix it right. Not only can we fix your OE Diesel Powered truck, we can make it work better than new with EPA approved modifications to the Tuning and post Aftertreatment(DPF) systems. No need to do deletes and truck maintains its emissions compliance. No project too big or too small, L,O,F to Full Cab Off repairs. Contact Brandon or Tom with your Diesel questions. Below are some of the things we do!

  • Full 4 inch Diesel Exhaust Systems
  • Twin Turbo Systems
  • Cylinder Head Fire Ringing and ARP Head Studs
  • EPA Compliant Engine Performance Tuners
  • DPF Back Exhaust Systems
  • Cummins, PStroke, and Duramax DPF and EGR System Repair
  • Diesel Engine EGT and Boost Gauges
  • Intank and Remote Diesel Fuel Lift Pumps
  • Remote Diesel Fuel Filters
  • PowerStroke, Duramax, and Cummins Performance Fuel Injectors
  • Duramax and Cummins Common Rail CP3 Pump repair
  • Cummins Twin CP3 Pump Kits
  • PowerStroke Glow Plug testing and replacement
  • S & B Air Intake Systems and Filters
  • Full Service Cummins, PStroke, and Duramax Engine Repair
  • MED. Duty Truck Repair. Cummins “C” and Navistar Engine Diagnosis and Repair
  • Full Service MED. Duty Truck Repair
  • Cummins 24 Valve Injector Pump Replacement
  • Cummins 12 Valve “Killer Dowel Pin” repair
  • ODOT Safety Inspections

Auto Engine service in Albany, OR

When that check engine light comes on, it’s hard not to feel annoyed or even worried. We know how you feel, and we are here to help! At Cordray's Continental Auto Repair & Transmission we offer a thorough engine performance check, as well as engine repair and engine replacement services. We do our best to save you money and time with Albany automotive repair services like drivability diagnostics and fuel injection repair and service. Our skilled professionals got into this business because they love vehicles: they want your car to be running like new and our engine auto services will make it happen.

  • Engine Repair
  • Engine Replacement
  • Engine Performance Check
  • Belt Replacement
  • Hose Replacement
  • Cooling System Repair
  • Radiator Repair & Replacement
  • Water Pump Repair & Replacement
  • Drivability Diagnostics & Repair
  • Fuel Injection Repair & Service
  • Fuel System Repair & Maintenance
  • Ignition System Repair & Maintenance

Heating and Air Conditioner Repair in Albany, OR

If your need of automotive repair service includes your vehicles cooling & heating system be aware that the purpose of the engine’s cooling system is to remove excess heat from the engine, to keep the automotive engine operating at its most efficient temperature, and to get the automotive engine up to the correct temperature as soon as possible after starting. Ideally, the automotive cooling system keeps a car’s engine running at its most efficient temperature no matter what the automotive operating conditions are. Our automotive repair shop offers the following automotive service repair heating and cooling auto repair services.

  • Full Service Air Conditioning Repair and Service
  • Serpentine Belts
  • Radiators and Heater Cores
  • Thermastats
  • Electric Fans
  • Fan Clutches
  • Transmission Coolers
  • Remote Engine and Transmission Coolers
  • Water Pumps
  • Radiator and Heater Hoses

Auto Electrical Services in Albany, OR

If your automotive service need involves your electrical system keep in mind that when the automotive industry was in its infancy, it used electricity only to ignite inside the automotive engine. By the late 1920’s, the automotive electric starter replaced the hand crank, electric headlights made acetylene lamps obsolete and the braying of the automotive electric horn drowned out the squeak of the hand-squeezed air horn. Today, an automotive vehicles require an elaborate electrical configuration of circuits just to produce, store, and distribute all the electricity it requires simply for everyday operation. Our automotive repair shop offers the following automotive electrical repair service.

  • Alternator
  • Batteries
  • Charging System Diagnosis
  • Driveability
  • Electrical Wiring
  • Lighting
  • Starters

Exhaust Service in Albany, OR

If you’re concerned about passing emissions or you already know your exhaust system isn’t what it should be, visit Cordray's Continental Auto Repair & Transmission in Albany. We offer exhaust repair and replacement, muffler repair and replacement, and tailpipe repair and replacement.

  • Exhaust Repair & Replacement
  • Muffler Repair & Replacement
  • Tailpipe Repair & Replacement

Suspension Service in Albany, OR

Vehicle suspension service helps your tires last longer, can improve gas mileage, and will improve vehicle handling to give you and your passengers a smoother ride. Cordray's Continental Auto Repair & Transmission will provide you with the best suspension service so you can keep your vehicle on the road longer.

  • Struts, Shocks & Suspension Repair & Service

Complete Auto Service in Albany

Don’t see your vehicle’s issue here yet? Don’t worry. Our experienced technicians can definitely handle your vehicle’s problem. Contact us via phone, email or in person for more information about the kinds of auto service in Albany that we offer. Contact us today!