2008 Ford Pickup

  • 2008 Ford Pickup

    Ford Pickup
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    • Transmission works good, no codes. No wrench light until post 20mile drive. Transmission fluid brown – serviced Codes present before drive C1234 RF Speed signal missing C1145 RF speed sensor input fault P115A Low fuel level – forced limited power P0684 Glow Plug Control module to PCM Codes present prior to drive and after 1st test drive: P0672 Cylinder 2 Glow plug circuit P0703 – Brake switch input fault P012F ECT-EOT correlation After clearing from first drive, no codes returning. Recommend continue driving and come in with trailer if code returns for a ride along with tech.
    • Test drive vehicle. Inspect for leaks. Remove pan (if possible) from transmission. Replace and/or clean filter/screen. Adjust bands as necessary, if possible. Re install pan with new gasket and fill with proper fluid. Check level and check for leaks.
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